Congress self immolating itself

Strange are the ways of Congress. Many feel that Congress is on self immolation with various unpopular measures. Both its governments at State and Center are following same measures so that one gets the feeling that is is keen on wiping out the party in the State of Andhra Pradesh with out any trace. Many started comparing Congress rule YSR era and non YSR era and they list out that during YSR regime while YSR used to announce pro poor schemes and policies even before TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu could think of to include in the manifesto, present Cong Govt are keen on doing away with all the schemes while Naidu is promising the same. Recently Chandra Babu promised 100 assembly seats to BCs to woo them away from Congress. The govt is doing away with BC fees reimbursements setting conditions and eligibility norms. Though this is attracting strong opposition from his own ministers and rest of the cadre, CM Kiran is hellbent on implementing them.
Already increasing power cuts, acute water problems,.increase in petrol prices, steep rise in pulses, vegetables is making poor furious about the current Congress govt and these steps will make them look for alternatives. With ministers,MLAs and other representatives keen on keeping their posts or getting higher or new posts neglecting causes of people, Congress is sure to face anti incumbency wave in next elections. It has to be seen who will benefit in the final out come during 2014 elections and whether anyone would be able to take advantage of such situation.