Congress’ ‘T’ plan of action ready !


Andhra Pradesh people are wondering what could be Congress Party’s plan of action on Telangana. How Congress will approach and place Telananga bill in the upcoming parliament session as CM Kiran with his master stroke defeated the bill in the assembly before sending it packing to the Union Government.

According to insiders Congress Party is teady with ‘T’ plan of action. Talk is it will go ahead with Telangana formation, place the bill in the parliament and try to make the main opposition party BJP and thus its PM candidate Narendra Modi scape goat painting them as villains if the T bill is stalled.

It suspect that BJP will never allow the party to get credit for the formation of Telangana.BJP already started talking about justice to seemandhra before dividing Andhra Pradesh. Congress Party at once pounced on those statements and now all its leaders started saying that passing of Telangana bill now lies entirely in the hands of BJP. It plans to come with statements that hearing TDP president Chandra Babu Naidu’s words, BJP went back on its support to Telangana as it is keen to forge alliance with TDP.