Congress tributes to NTR

The heading may surprise many and some die hard TDP supporters may also go up in arms. However careful look will make people realise that there is more than hundred percent truth in the comment. Great star and politician NTR who roared to the post of CM riding on the crest of telugu pride with his TDP and did many things to women of Andhra Pradesh. Most important among them is providing legal rights to daughters on their parents properties. This revolutionalised the entire political scenario in the country. When women revolved against liquor shops, he banned liquor sales across the state creating history. However when Chandra Babu Naidu dethroned NTR and with even his kith and kin deserted him during the need of the hour, all his dreams collapsed.
Nandamuri family members and NTR kin thought they could enjoy power after dethroning their dad, but wily Chandrababu Naidu used them to the core and then threw them leaving them in lurch. This made Harikrishna comeout of the party and start his own pary Anna Telugudesam, but couldn’t succeed. He made ammends with Naidu but never prospered in TDP thanks to Naidu remembering Harikrishna’s every move in the past. NTR’s daughter Purandreeswari along with her husband Venkateswara Rao joined congress. Congress honored them with key posts and Purandeeswari prospered in the party with her becoming Cabinet Minister in Center.
This shows that while the party formed by NTR, the TDP which harps on honoring women, failed to respect NTR’s only daughter, Congress against whom NTR fought tooth and nail, paid floral tributes to NTR, making his daughter Purandeeswari a minister at center. While CBN still harps on NTR statue at Parliament Hall, his daughter is making laws taking care of the nation. Better CBN learn some lessons from Congress.