Controversy on Devudu Chesina Manushulu First Look !

The first look of ‘Devudu Chesina Manushulu’ is out and everyone is busy doing their job including praising and criticizing. Some pot shots are anyway meaningless and here is answer for them from Puri’s fans.
Some critics went on blasting Puri Jagan for using the ‘naamam’ of Lord Balaji in the title and the sexy pose of Ileana beside it. They felt that this is an insult to the sentiments of Hindus. Now, our director’s fans are rolling out on the floor laughing for these comments. According to them, most production houses from Tollywood are named with Gods names. These banners produced various films ranging from action to sentiment, mass to b-grade genres.
All the time, a God’s photo is imprinted on the posters of most films that showcase heroines at their sleaziest best. So, what happened to sentiments at that time is their question. Indeed, the production of these raunchy hot movies starts with a ‘muhurtam’ pooja. These guys have a point it seems!