Costly kiss may cost 150 Million dollars?


Hollywood star Denzil Washington may have to shell out a whopping 150 million dollars as alimony to his wife Pauletta Pearson Washington as shehas caught him on camera kissing a young starlet at a party recently and issued divorce notice. If this happens the actor will be on streets and has to live on social security cheques, they say.

This is the second time that the super star the Oscar – Academy Award for Best Actor, has been caught pants down by his wife since their 30 years of married life. Pauletta has caught him kissing passionately with Soma Lathan, a co star of his latest movie in 2003 during the shooting of ‘Out of Time’ movie. However recent pix and video clippings of his kissing and petting scenes of a unknown buxom and scantily dressed actress is doing rounds on social media and Hollywood trade magazines and bulletins causing embarrassment to Pauletta and she is very particular to file divorce notice to him.