Court Notice To Mega Family Once Again?

Few things don’t end in a sweet way and it looks like the mega family has to step on the stairs of Courts yet again. This time, Megastar Chiranjeevi’s younger daughter Sreeja is going to face the music in case if Court considers the petition.

Married secretly in 2007 after a lot of high drama, Sreeja and her classmate Sirish Bharadwaj got divorced in 2011 after Chiranjeevi’s daughter complained of domestic harassment. And the couple has a daughter who is currently staying with her mom after court ordered Sreeja all the rights to keep the kid.

In 2016, Sreeja got married to Kalyan Kanuganti and since then, she along with her daughter Nivruthi from former marriage are said to be in a happier space. Some reports are coming that Sirish Bharadwaj has now gone to Court accusing that Sreeja is not allowing him to meet their daughter.

As per rumours doing rounds in Film Nagar, Sirish has accused in his petition that Chiranjeevi is not allowing the thought of his granddaughter meeting her biological father. Also, he requested Court to allow him to take Nivruthi home permanently with him as Sreeja got married to someone.The authenticity of these reports cannot be verified, but it looks like the Mega family has to fight a lengthy custodian battle in case if this is true.