CPM and CPI fight favors Telugu Desam !

With the ‘red’ parties fighting to the core in public itself, the ‘yellow’ flag is slowly gaining popularity among the ‘red’ sympathizers. We are talking about CPI, CPM and Telugudesam.
Both CPI and CPM used to go hand in hand earlier and used to support Telugudesam in the state many ways. Now, with CPI maintaining close rapport with TDP, cadres who used to work for CPI are slowly turning towards Naidu’s policies. On the flip side, CPM has dramatically distanced itself from the other left party. During by-poll, CPI Narayana pleaded CPM Raghavulu a lot to join hands with them, but the later one declined it. Now, Raghavulu is writing some public letters to CPI through media, to join hands. Narayana has stated that he is not ready to consider all these letters. Indirectly this fight is helping the yellow-flag party as the red-flag sympathizers especially in T-area are doing TDP ‘japam’ now.
They say that Naidu is playing all these cards to split the vote banks of these ‘red’ parties to fetch TDP in 2014. One will wonder if Communists are really having any vote banks still!