Cracks in Telangana Movement !

Telangana movement reached its zenith thanks to KCR’s vitriolic statements raising the tempers and his party TRS cadres mobolising forces along with T-JAC headed by Prof Kodandaram who guided the students of Universities in Telangana. Their organising abilities can be gauged by the success of ‘Sakalajauna Samme’ and Million March. During Sakala Janula Samme, Govt employees from the telangana region, stalled functioning of Govt making the authorities kneel before them, inviting them for talks. The one month long agitation showed the power of the movement. Similar is the case of million march during which many forced their way to Hyderabad and the march culminated in destruction of statues of greats on Tankbund.
However now cracks seems to have developed in Telangana movement with growing mistrust between TRS Chief KCR and T-JAC convener Kodandaram. Recently Harish Rao tried to arrange a meeting between the two but KCR refused to meet Kodandaram saying he is not that great as Kodandaram to meet him. Their relationship reached breaking point when T-JAC decided to support BJP in Palamuru by polls where TRS suffered shocking defeat. T-JAC tried to make amends with KCR supporting the party in Parakal elections but the mistrust is so much that KCR refused to buy any explanations.
Some say KCR is not of that kind keeping petty things in mind and point out that he met Kodandaram on four occasions after Parakal elections. Analysts feel that he is expecting an announcement of Telangana and is busy chalking out his future plans. However indications are not all is well between KCR and Kodandaram the moment Kodandaram started playing important role putting aside KCR. It has to be seen how their mistrust effect Telangana movement.