Craze for Pawan Kalyan remains same after Many Flops!

Pawan Kalyan, the name itself is enough to send positive vibes. He is the only star in the Industry who have no enmity or competition from anyone what-so-ever. Even his contemporary heroes and their fans wish Pawan films to do well at the Box Office. This aspect makes him special and keeps him apart from the huge bunch of heroes.
It’s an open secret that no one can enter into his league. If we try to differentiate the heroes in the Industry, Pawan will be on one side and the rest of them on the other end. Pawan haven’t attained this stature just because of his stint as an actor. His ideologies and life style made him the man he is Today. He preaches what he follows, always sticks by his word regardless of the consequences, down-to-earth, helping nature and being truthful are few of them.
Even if Pawan’s films bomb at the Box Office one by one repeatedly, the craze for him will remain intact forever. Hits don’t change him, Flops won’t affect him! Hats off to Powerstar!