Creative attack on Tollywood

When Magadheera director Rajamouli unleashed his graphic wonder ‘Eega’ across the world, little did film makers from across India think even in their dreams that it will be a stunning hit. However ‘Eega’ flew enchantingly to mesmerize movie lovers cutting across regions across the globe. Even more surprisingly even in land of creativity and innovation, Chennai also witnessed houseful screenings for the film.Magadheera Rajamouli became Darsakadheera with bollywood getting ready for red carpet welcome. Though Kollywood superstars and top film makers lavished praises on Rajamouli, they took ‘Eega’ stunning success as an insult to their creativity.

Now their creative directors led by Shankar are getting ready to unleash a multipronged creative attack on tollywood. KV.Anand is getting ready to unleash his ‘Maatran’ (Duplicate) in tollywood in which Surya is starring as conjoint twins. Aleady Anand tasted success with ‘Ko'(Rangam) and is keen on giving tollywood film makers taste of their own medicine. Already the trailers and first look of the film is creating a sensation. The film features Kajal in lead and more recently the film makers launched the film’s audio in a grand function at Singapore. Similarly Mysskin is launching Jeeva, ‘Ko'(Rangam’ fame as India’s first super hero in ‘Mugamudi'(Mask). Jeeva will be seen sporting Mask in the film. The film is about a youth’s fight against corruption. Tollywood should be prepared for more from kollywood film makers as ‘Eega’ instigated their creative minds.