Creative Directors shocks Heroine !

The relation between a director and his heroine is often an intriguing one. While a lot happens in the inside which doesn’t come out, there are times when few traits of a director become a topic of discussion among the heroine circuit. Right now, one director is making his mark for his unique quality.
He is none other than Krishna Vamsi. Apparently, sources say this genius director is quite bold and candid about his observations with heroines. Right at the first meeting, KV puts all his cards on the table in terms of his thoughts and if he doesn’t like something about the actress, he says it straight on the face.
The talk is that while it is tough to work with KV, they always give the credit to him for grilling the juices out of the actors and grooming them in the best way. Given the penchant for perfection Krishna Vamsi has and his approach towards filmmaking, he sure comes from a different school of thought.