Cricket-God -Sachin starts new Innings as MP

Unlike all our celebrity RajyaSabha MPs who say that serving people is top priority, Sachin made it clear before taking oath that ‘cricket’ is his priority. Anyways, he is the RS MP now.
After taking oath in Hindi at Rajya Sabha chairman Hamid Ansari’s chamber, Sachin made it clear, ‘Cricket comes first but not parliament (read politics)’. He clarified that he hasn’t approached anybody seeking RS membership. ‘I will be happy if I am remembered as someone who contributed to all sports of India’, says Saching while talking with media. Cricket fans of India are completely happy to see their legend walking in the high pillar chambers of RajyaSabha.
Accompanied by his wife Anjali, the cricket-god looked calm and composed while taking the oath and thereafter processes. Requests started showering on the sports giant from people like Anna Hazare to fight against corruption, but for now, Sachin is just the ‘god of cricket’.