Cricket Players Into Tollywood


So far, the Tollywood industry has been the green pasture for many aspiring actresses and villains from different parts of India. In the last few decades, some of the top most heroines in Tollywood have been from different parts outside Andhra Pradesh. Now, it is heard that another section of people are showing interest.

They are the cricketers. Recently, news came that Sreesanth is doing a film in Telugu but we are not speaking about that. Reports reveal many boys who are playing and have played cricket in Ranji Trophies and other leagues are eyeing Tollywood. They are doing something or the other to enter Tollywood.

The reason being, their main target is to get into the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL). Though the IPL is the biggest league, in the last few years CCL has earned a brand and demand. The film stars are playing like professionals and the magnitude is high. Even a series of matches are taking place in foreign venues. Above all, there is good money. So, these hardcore players want to earn and quench their passion. Since IPL is farfetched, they are targeting CCL. The requirement is, an individual must be an actor so they are trying hard to get cinema offers and do at least a small role so that they can become eligible.