Criminal case against AP ministers for ‘inflammatory’ remarks

A retired IAS officer today filed a criminal case against an Andhra Pradesh for making certain “inflammatory and provocative” statements against bureaucrats and exhorting people to “shoot” non-performing public servants. B V Papa Rao, who served as Home Secretary of Assam and also with the United Nations during his career, said in his complaint that the statement of Minor Irrigation minister T G Venkatesh attracted criminal liability under various IPC sections.
At a public meeting in his native Kurnool on July 13, Venkatesh had remarked that non-performing bureaucrats should be shot dead. After the remark kicked up a controversy, the minister remained unapologetic and went on to say that even non-performing politicians should be shot dead. He also refused to retract from his statements, Papa Rao said and attached various newspaper reports quoting the minister with his complaint.
“It clearly indicates that Venkatesh does not believe in the rule of law. A minister, who has taken solemn oath to function in accordance with Constitution, making such public statements will have serious and dire consequences on our criminal justice system,” Papa Rao pointed out.
“The minister, being a publicly elected member of the legislature, is in an immensely persuasive position in the society. By making such provocative remarks, the minister clearly encourages gullible public to take the law in to their own hands. He has endangered the lives of the government officials, who according to him are non performers,” he said.