Criminals increase in TTD ?

Holy Shrine Tirumala’s organising committee TTD for long has become a destination for politically unemployed persons and those corporate big wigs. None associated with TTD has clean record. Now a days devotion has also become a business. People commit all kinds of sins and pray Almighy offering astounding amounts. They are under the impression that their sins can be washed way by bribing even God in form of donations.
TTD recently reconstituted its committee and Kannayya leader of Southern Railway Mazdoor Union found place in the committee. He has many allegations and FIRs filed against him on crimes and murdeers. Even his associates allege the same. He made rapid strides from ordinary employee to union leader and many say he even eliminated Union secretary Namassivaya who helped him in his growth. TN govt even registered a case against him and case is going on in Madras High Court. Southern Railways Union leaders in a press statement took TTD to task on how they could take a criminal like Kannaya in its body.
They even revealed that Kannayya stashed away Rs 1400 crs of society money and allege that they even filed a complaint with CBI with evidence. Much to the shock of all Kannayya and his wife are both christians. Union leaders questioned whether TTD took any undertaking from the couple. They wondered how TTD appointed him even after they provided them the evidence.
This is not a single incident. Another working committe member Siva Prasad who is related to Megastar Chiranjeevi was in news. It was in Siva Prasad’s residence in Chennai that police found Rs35crs and now he found his way into TTD. Even TTD Chairman Bapiraju was made chairman to pacify him. Even Dollar Seshadri is enjoying enough clout even though many allegations came regarding varios scams. Many allege that all these bunch of criminals are taking even Almighty to a ride.