Cunning Center playing with ‘T’-Fire

When ever people of Telangana expect some positive developments and path breaking announcements on formation of the state from the Center, some or the other developments across the country stalls any possible positive developments. Telangana politicians and people expected some sort of announcement after the completion of President elections. but however Maratha strong man Sharad Pawar gave ‘Power’full stroke to UPA led Congress government at Center. Congress High Command got completely engrossed in appeasing Pawar and later got convenient excuse to send message to its representatives of Telangana that it was busy sorting out issues with NCP at State and Center. Once that problem was solved Assam started exploding with insurgents using violence to drive away locals.
Already Congress at Center is delaying the formation of Telangana, citing Mulayam,Mamata and other allies who are opposed to the division as it will bring in more such demands in states in which they are the main players. Now it seems even developments in the Country are not in favor of Telangana people and Center turning cunning taking telangana people for a ride. Political bosses at center feel that stage managing incidents across various parts of the country, people an be taken for a ride. However if people know its true colors of Congress at Center then they will teach a fitting lesson in the next elections. They should understand that they are playing with T-fire and making some of its MPs like Madhu Yashki utter some violent pro telangana statements will not save it from defeat.