The Curious Case Of Nandamuri Mokshagna

Fans are eagerly waiting for the launch of Balakrishna’s son Nandamuri Mokshagna. The Gautamiputra Satakarni star had plans to launch his son’s debut film in this year, but it didn’t materialize.Mokshagna who used to make public appearances every now and then has been totally out of sight lately.Mokshagna was not seen anywhere in Nandamuri family parties or important political events in recent times. He was absent at Nandamuri Harikrishna’s funeral too.

Buzz has it that he is currently undergoing training for his acting debut. But why are they not even releasing his latest pictures?Fans are using five year old pictures of Mokshagna on his birthday. He used to frequent a café in Filmnagar as per rumor mills.Onlookers say that he was overweight and unrecognizable at that time. If the buzz has to be believed, then Mokshagna might be taking some sort of medical aid to get back in shape.

None of the top heroes sons were kept under wraps before making their on screen debut.Charan, Chaitanya and Akhil were always seen accompanying their dad before going under the arc lights.

Mokshagna’s case is turning out to be curious because of too much secrecy.