Cute Aksha Has A Reason To Smile


Juggling with series of flops, cute beauty Aksha Pardhasany went off radar from a while. But this hottie found work at some other tinsel town and started her dazzling with a bang. After getting rave reviews for her efforts, she had a reason to smile.

Films like Yuvatha and Ride have won huge recognition for Aksha in Tollywood but not any stardom. Though her second fiddle role in ‘Kandireega’ was expected to be a game changer, much of the game remained unchanged for her. Lately she resorted to huge skin show for flicks like ‘Rai Rai’ but that too disappointed her big time. Finally her debut Tamil flick did all the magic. ‘Saleem’ featuring Vijay Antony and Aksha is doing well at Tamil box office now.

Initially ‘Saleem’ has a limited release, but now it is getting expanded to many screens after critics appreciated the flick. With such a big reason to smile, Aksha has immediately started cashing on the craze by coming up with a fantastic photo shoot. At any producer’s office, these pics are hot topic now.