Cyclone Cinema Is Not Possible

Giving free advices is the easiest thing in this world and for some strange reason, it is high in the entertainment industry. One latest and absurd advice came now. Apparently, many from Tollywood came forward to contribute to the Hudhud relief fund and the total came to Rs 8 crores, as per sources. Added to that, on November 29th, there is the 1 lakh dinner with stars at JRC Convention followed by a star cricket match on November 30th at the KVB stadium in Hyderabad.
Apart from that, from 9 am to 9 pm a telethon will take place in Gemini TV and the revenue from TV ads will go to the relief fund. Ultimately, the celebs are targeting around Rs 10 crores -Rs 12 crores. So, the total comes up to Rs 20 crores. Coming back to the advice, someone said “All big stars can come together and do a film. It would easily collect 25-30 crores and the proceeds can be given to Hudhud relief fund. No remuneration must be given to stars and payments should be given only to ground level labour.” 
But here is the fact to this idea. Firstly, such a project has to materialize. Also, what’s the guarantee that such an amount will come as collection? Before that, an appropriate script should be there to justify all stars. The shooting should happen and everything must be done. By that time, all will forget about Hudhud. They will see if the film is good or not by then.
It is very easy to give such advices but practically they are very tough to implement. In filmnagar club also some biggies thought to convert the hits of 80s and 90s to digital format and screen them. But it involves cost. It makes sense for the celebs to only invest their service and talent and gain revenue which would be used for noble cause.