Dachepalli Rape Accused Subbayya Commits Suicide

As suspected, Subbayya, the main accused in the brutal rape of a 9 year-old-girl in Dachepalli, Guntur, has committed suicide. Subbayya’s body was found hanging from a tree behind the Amaralingeswara Swamy Temple in Daida near Gurajala.

Police have recovered Subbayya’s body and they will be making a formal announcement about the case. Tense situations prevailed in Dachepalli ever since the horrific assault was reported. Family members of the minor girl and many angry villagers resorted to violence. Victim’s family even threatened to “teach a lesson” to Subbayya if he was caught.

On Thursday, Subbayya’s family members called him and he reportedly told them that he will be ending his life. Cops employed search teams which scouted for Subbayya in the Krishna River. The case has gained prominence throughout the Telugu states and several state leaders have strongly condemned the act and demanded for strict implementation of the law to prevent future incidents.