After Dad-Son, Now It’s Dad-Daughter

Tollywood is gearing up to see some dad-son fights at the box office, as most recently we have seen the release of Megastar and his sons (nephews) films releasing around the same time. Then we have witness Nag and his sons gearing to box office though with huge gaps. But one day, we would surely see a dad-son fight.

Before that, there is a chance of witnessing a dad-daughter fight too. No, it’s not Nagababu and Niharika’s films. Actually senior hero Rajasekhar showcased that he’s not like typical Telugu star dads who would restrict their daughters from becoming silver screen sensations. His two daughters, Sivani and Sivathmika are readying to storm the box office.

While Sivani will be seen in 2 States Telugu remake where she got paired with Adivi Sesh, Sivathmika will be the lead girl of Dorasani movie that has Vijay Devarkonda’s brother Anand in the lead. Both are playing character-driven roles with a touch of glamour. And then, Rajasekhar is getting ready to rock with Kalki being directed by Prashant Varma of Awe fame.

Looks like dad and his daughters might hit the silver screen around the same time as the shootings of these films have started pretty recently. Let’s see how it goes!!