Dadi To Find Rehabilitation In Jana Sena?

It has been long time since one has heard about former minister Dadi Veerabhadra Rao, who once played a prominent role in the Telugu Desam Party and was one of its important leaders in north coastal Andhra.Just because he was denied the MLC for a second term, Dadi came out of the TDP and joined the YSR Congress party before the last assembly elections. But he could not stay in the YSRC for long, as he did not get any expected prominence there.

So, he quit the YSRC in 2015 and started sending feelers to TDP president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu that he was ready to get back into the party.But, Naidu did not give any response to Dadi. Apparently, the local TDP leaders in Anakapalle opposed his re-entry into the TDP fearing that he would dominate them.

Frustrated with his failed attempts, Dadi again started attacking Naidu but as there were no takers to his outburst, he went into political oblivion.Now, Dadi is trying to get back into active politics by joining the Jana Sena Party floated by actor Pawan Kalyan.He and his son Ratnakar Rao sent messages to Pawan Kalyan, who has been on his Visakhapatnam tour at present.

On Tuesday, Pawan went to Dadi’s residence and spent some time with him. He later told media that he had invited Dadi to join the JSP and play a crucial role in defeating the TDP.“He is an experienced politician. His services are very much required for new generation politics,” Pawan said.

For the record sake, Dadi said he would take a decision on joining Jana Sena after discussing with his followers.