Dalai Lama controversial comments on India-Pak

The Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai Lama has sparked a fresh controversy on Wednesday by wading into what is really a significant political decision of history- the separation of India and Pakistan.

The Tibetan spiritual Guru said, ”India and Pakistan would have remained undivided if Muhammad Ali Jinnah was made the first Prime Minister of this country instead of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.” He further added: ‘even Mahatma Gandhi was interested to make Jinnah a Prime Minister, but Pandit Nehru who’d self-centered attitude denied to it.,

Dalai Lama, who delivered a keynote address to the MBA students at Goa Institute of Management, touched this sensitive aspect while replying to a query of a student who asked him: ‘how one can avoid taking wrong decisions!?”

With his statement, Dalai Lama wanted to tell that it’s ok to make mistakes because even a very experienced leader like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru sometimes made mistakes. ”So, take responsibility on your shoulders. Analyze, ask opinion and take a final call,” he answered to the student.