Dammu ‘coloring’ to attract Family Audience !

The latest release ‘Dammu’ which has arrived with high expectations has evoked a lukewarm response. And the makers are doing whatever they can to revive the situation. In this process, one important factor has come to their notice. It is heard that the posters are causing a fear mania.
Apparently, ‘Dammu’ has got violence talk and due to A certificate the family audience is not being allowed in multiplexes across cities. However, it is not the case in stand alone theatres and B, C centers. But despite that the family audience is not keen on coming because the posters are reportedly sending a strong feeler of violence.
That’s why it is now heard that many places posters in towns and other cities are being replaced giving a family look to the film like ‘Brindaavanam’. Despite this, sources say that the famous Sudarshan 35mm theatre recorded only 50 percent collections on Monday. Let us see how things go from here.