‘Dammu’ gives fears to Sexy Heroine

Young tiger Junior NTR is currently busy with the shooting of his new movie ‘Dammu’ and it is heard that the shooting has been progressing briskly. However, it is heard that one heroine has been quite worried with the film. She is none other than the petite beauty Trisha who is the leading lady of the film.
Apparently, ‘Dammu’ is currently on with a schedule in the famous Pollachi and it is heard that the heat there is darkening Trisha’s complexion in a big way. Unit members reveal a hardcore mass number is being canned and getting exposed to the sunlight and heat is reportedly making Trisha black which is causing her worry.
Those who heard this say there is nothing to worry. They give the example of locations like Malaysia and Bangkok where the humidity is much higher and the climate there tans the skin big time. For now, Trisha’s fears can be understood but with makeup and cosmetics, everything will look fine onscreen.