Dasari forces Greekuveerudu Postponement

Clash between Shadow and Greekuveerudu has been avoided . Earlier, producers of both the films announced that they are releasing their respective films on April 26th. But veteran director and producer Dasari Narayana Rao arranged a meeting with the producers and told them to avoid the direct fight, as it doesn’t augur well for the film industry. He convinced them to release their films with a ‘healthy’ gap. They agreed to his suggestion. Nagarjuna’s Greekuveerudu which was supposed to hit the screens on 26th April is now pushed to May 3rd.

As Shadow has already been cleared by the Censor Boar, the film is releasing on 26th April. Greekuveerudu will come to the theatres a week later – May 3rd. Both Shadow starring Venkatesh and Greekuveerudu starring Nagarjuna are carrying positive reports. So it is wise move by the producers.