Dasari Sacrificed his Time for him?

Dasari Narayana rao, one of the legendary directors of tollywood seems to be gradually losing his individuality and own identity. Yes, according to many fans of Dasari, once upon a time he was the greatest director. Moreover, a mentor for many upcoming artists and technicians and they treated him as their guru. But he lost such charisma now.
Those days seem to be gone when Dasari ruled the roost. Are we watching the fall of the powerful personality of tollywood, just for the sake of one person? Again, Dasari’s fans are coming up with full of agony, stating that for the past few years, their favourite director has been showing his concentration on just one person of tollywood and that is none other than Chiranjeevi. All the time he is spending his time on making movies against Chiranjeevi like ‘Mestri’ and whenever, he attends any function and whatever be the platform, he tries to criticize only Chiranjeevi and his family members. And now, he is going to direct another movie, ‘Assembly lo dongalu paddaru’, that is going to be another movie against Chiranjeevi.
‘We want old Dasari to be back, who directed many innovative and interesting movies in 70s and he should not show grudge on any person individually, and we must be proud of his future moves.’, laments one of the fans of Dasari. Hope, Dasari listens their protests.