Dash Dash Heroine staying away from ‘Skin Show’

Sexy heroines are always hurried to erase the line between glamour and skin show to woo mass fans. The most demanded item from them is a ‘navel show’ and then a ‘thigh peek’.
One new actress is now getting lot of offers but with the condition that she should be ready to show her navel. She is Nandita, who shot to fame with Teja’s recent movie ‘Neeku Naaku Dash Dash’. While mesmerizing eyes and attractive smile are the primary assets of this ravishing beauty, our makers are expecting something sizzling this time. In Teja’s film she has not given peeks of her skin though she looked glamorous sometimes.
Right now, she is not accepting any offer that demands her for a skin show, revealed a close friend of this hot beauty. Critics say that if Nandita wants to break into top heroines’ zone, she has to take skin route now itself, as a red-hot show sometime later will not help attracting anyone. It is for Nandita to decide!