DC: Henry Cavill reportedly quits Superman

The DC Universe is going to lose its Superman. Although it isn’t losing the character, it certainly is losing the actor who breathed life into the character Henry Cavill.Cavill donned the majestic cape of Hope as Kal-El from Krypton for the first time in Man of Steel and followed it with two high-budget action films Batman v Superman and Justice League most recently.

Cavill was actually supposed to play Superman as a cameo in Warner Bros’ Shazam but the talks did not go well between both parties’ reps.Furthermore, DC-Warner Bros are not looking to make another Superman film anytime soon as they are currently focussing on a teen Supergirl movie.

An insider has apparently stated that some parts of the previous Superman films did not work as well as expected, and that Superman movies are like Bond films where the actor is expected to move on after a few films.

Henry Cavill is expected to star in the Netflix series Witcher after his recent role in Mission Impossible: Fallout. With Henry Cavill following Ben Affleck’s exit, it remains to be seen if the studio will look to re-cast for the characters or possibly reboot the franchise.