Deeksha Seth upset with Ravi Teja

Though it is not discussed in the open, the cine folks reveal that most of the heroines bag offers in big heroes projects only through high recommendation from the male lead. Till recently, it was being gossiped that Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja was doing all he can to promote the enchanting seductress Deeksha Seth.
However, it is now heard that Deeksha is miffed with Ravi Teja. Well, the buzz is that she has not been getting her due attention like before and sources say Ravi Teja seems to be focusing on the milky thigh beauty Taapsee. As it is, Deeksha has been trying hard to make her presence felt as she has not scored a single hit so far.
But sources close to Ravi Teja quashed all this as a rumour. They revealed that the Mass Maharaja is in his own tensions as none of his films have been working at the box office so where will he have the time to promote other heroines. Let us hope this is true and all is well between Ravi and Deeksha.