Delay Costs Extra 1 Cr. For ‘Vaana..Vaana..’

While shooting for the remake of this blockbuster yesteryear song, Yuga Star Ramcharan got injured and there is a pause in shooting. Now, this is going to cost an extra 1 crore for the makers!
As the ‘Racha’ team got plenty of time now to revisit their work with Charan’s unavailability, many thoughts and ideas are flowing in, say sources. The song was supposedly finished except a few dance moves involving just hero. However, the makers are now going for ‘graphics’ rain for the entire song and this is going to cost a cool one crore extra. Top notch technicians who have worked for ‘Magadheera’ are called for, to add CG rain to this prestigious song. Graphical elements like water splashing on the hot body of heroine will come as extra addition now.
Already, cinematographer Sameer Reddy has roped in a Hollywood ‘Colorist’ to work on the final look and feel of the movie. The overall budget for this song has now shot up to 3 crores and the producers look quite comfortable, as they can extract the money easily with ‘Racha’ releasing simultaneously in 3 languages. If the film delays further, we don’t know what idea will strike these makers and too much cooking will lead to a spoiled dish!