Delay in funds making KCR fire?

KCR is one person whom on one can dissect and find out his true motives. When he keeps quiet it can be termed as silent before thunder storm and when he opens his mouth he breaths fire which no one can stop.Till recently he had been keeping quite no matter how much his rivals provocated him. Even when received shock of his barely scraping in Parakal by election, he did not utter a word. However he recently opened his mouth and breathed fire on all especially on media for mocking his statements on ‘signals from centre on formation of Telangana. He spit venom questioning if he don’t receive signals then road side romeos receive or what. He once again became furious on seemandhra people and on T congress representatives, targeting Jana Reddy.
Many feel that KCR is given lump sum amounts of cash and other benefits and till he gets those things in time he will be keeping quite. The moment he notices little bit of delay in transfer of funds, KCR will go hammer and tongs on central govt and T congress representatives who are the mediators in the entire deal. Once The problem is solved KCR will become ‘Khush’ and Telangana moment will again be put on back burner. One wonder when telanagna people will see through is game plan of opening and closing the ‘T’ tap.