Demand for Telangana express name

TRS party leaders and telangana government officials are very keen in changing Andhra name to telangana in telangana state. During the telangana movement, telangana favorers who demand telangana formation demanded the name Andhra to be removed from all. 
They even painted black color on Andhra bank offcies, Andhra bhavan etc After telangana formation, Trs leaders who are heading government is spitting venom on Andhra name. Recently TRS MP B. Vinod kumar from karimnagar constituency requested the union minister Suresh babu to rename the Andhra express to telangana express. 
He further said the train runs from secunderabad to New Delhi and covers the only telangana area. He stated it was unfortunate that AP express (No: 12723/12724 name is not changed even after the formation of telangana.