Denying Status Has Zero Effect on BJP in AP – Amit Shah

Call it over confidence or lack of proper estimation, BJP chief Amit Shah has stated that the Saffron party will win more Lok Sabha seats in the successor state of Andhra Pradesh in 2019 than it had won in 2014 with the help of TDP. Amit Shah said the party will improve its tally of the LS seats in Andhra in the 2019 general elections. What’s more? He had claimed that BJP would do that feat without having any pre-poll alliance with any regional party in AP or Telangana.

Dismissing the anti-BJP wave riding in AP, Amit Shah is of the opinion that denying Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh has ‘zero’ impact on the poll prospects of the BJP in AP. Expressing confidence, he said denying Status won’t hurt the party in the state.

Amit Shah is soon heading to the Telugu states. He said the focus is going to be Andhra Pradesh and Telangana after Karnataka. Amit Shah claims that the party will not have any pre-poll alliance in Andhra Pradesh or Telangana.

Responding to Chandrababu Naidu’s allegations on the Centre for not releasing funds to Andhra Pradesh, Amit Shah brought out a new explanation. He said BJP is clear that AP could get funds from the Centre only against spending. When drafts for Amaravati are still being drawn in Singapore and there is not a brick laid, the Centre could not release funds. “The government will release the funds as and when work begins,” Amit Shah said.

After Karnataka setback where JD(S)-Congress combine formed the government, Amit Shah said BJP will improve its tally of Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal and Kerala as well. He also said that the Saffron party would win 22 seats in West Bengal and would spring a huge surprise in Kerala.

The moot question is that are there any takers for Shah’s tall claims as the ground reality seems to be totally against it. Especially after united Opposition and BJP having very less strength in South, Shah’s dreams of improving numbers seems to be very distant.