Devuda!! A Teaser For The Teaser Of Teaser?

They release a ‘teaser’ of the film before releasing the ‘trailer’ of it. To be more precise, a 30-second treat in advance to that of a 2-minute trailer. That trend has gone now. Now, we get a pre-teaser prior to that of the teaser and a pre-pre-teaser to talk about that pre-teaser. If you’re still confused, here goes the clarity.

For example other day we have seen that Team Mahesh Babu released a special poster saying that ‘today evening at 6 pm, a major announcement’ is coming. And at 6 pm, they announced that Bharat Anu Nenu teaser is coming on March 6th. Earlier it used to be a teaser will come directly but now there are two announcements coming before that.

Same is the case with another Summer release, Ram Charan and Sukumar’s Rangasthalam. Today they came with a pre-teaser talking about the second single launch. And in a couple of days, they will launch teaser of the second single. That will be followed by a lyrical video and then a 1-minute video teaser before the release.

Even Allu Arjun’s Naa Peru Surya is no exception. They are coming up with a new poster on March 1st and they call it “Poster Impact”. Already there are a couple of pre-teaser like posters released to announce this. If this poster itself is a teaser like a thing, coming up with announcements about that is an exaggeration of publicity.

All these films are not finding stuff like Baahubali, where Rajamouli released each character poster in some gap and created a hype. But to create such hungama, Telugu industry biggies are now following the idea of releasing a teaser for the teaser of the teaser. Devuda!!