Devudu Chesina Manashulu – Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra & Reliance Entertainment
Cast: Ravi Teja, Ileana,Prakash Raj,Brahmanandam,kove sarala
Cinematography: Chota K Naidu and Syam K Naidu
Editing: S. R. Shekhar
Action Choreographer: Peter Heins
Music: Raghu Kunche
Producer: BVSN Prasad,
Story-Screenplay- Dialogues-Direction: Puri Jagannadh
CBFC rating: U/A
Release date: 15-08-2012

Vishnu Murthy (Brahmanandham) tells a love story of two orphans to Lakshmi Devi on Akshaya Thruthiya day. Ravi Teja (Ravi Teja) is a settlement broker in Hyderabad while Ileana (Ileana) is a taxi driver in Bangkok. Both of them are orphans and they share common likes. Because of an arati thokka (Banana peel) thrown by Papayya (M.S.Narayana) on the road, the story takes a certain direction and Ravi Teja heads to Bangkok to negotiate a settlement between Circle Inspector Subba Raju (Subba Raju) and Bangkok Don Prakash Raj (Prakash Raj). He meets with Ileana in this process and falls in love with her. Rest of the story is about the game Vishnu and Lakshmi plays with Ravi Teja, Ileana and Prakash Raj.
Ravi Teja is at his usual energetic self. He brings fabulous energy and entertainment with his interpretation of character. And we never get tired of his kind of comedy.
Ileana has lost herself in recent times. Somehow, the charm and beauty on her face is lost and her body looks too pale on the screen. The romantic track between Ravi Teja and Ileana never really takes off and the viewers will find it hard to connect with their feelings.
Though Prakash Raj was the main villain of the film, Puri uses him for comedy purposes in the role of a mafia don who forgets every thing in regular intervals. Jyothi Rana looks sufficiently vampish. Ali brings a few laughs as Bangkok taxi driver Goli. Brahmanandham and Kovai Sarla are good in their roles. Subba Raju did well in the little role he is offered. M.S.Narayana is seen in a very brief cameo. Fish Venkat is routine.
Technical Performances:
Puri Jagan said something interesting in the audio function of the film. “I made the film without a story”. He was telling the truth. This movie does not have a story but he entertained the audience through out the run time of the movie. The songs tend to come in at abrupt intervals and spoil whatever flow is there in the narrative. This is especially more evident in the second half, where screenplay is quite bad. He made good decision in restricting the run time of the movie to 2 hours otherwise it would have become difficult to entertain audience. Dialogues written by Puri are awesome as ever. Characterizations and Certain dialogues were too good. There were certain moments in the second half like the Anna Chellemma track between Prakash Raj and Ileana bored a bit but is manageable.
Raghu Kunche’s music is average and picturisation of songs is okay. Cinematography and Editing is good.
1. Energetic performance by Ravi Teja
2. Superb dialogues penned by Puri
3. Good Entertainment
4. Good Run Time
1. No novelty in story
2. Ugly Ileana
3. Offers nothing for serious movie lovers
Final Say:
Devudu Chesina Manushulu might be the only movie in recent times which released with such low expectations in recent times. Expectations are almost zeroed due to several postponements. This might help the movie at box office. Watch it if you have nothing to do!