‘DhanaLaxmi’ Tensions For Vennela 1.5

Off course, for any flick it is the amount aka ‘dhanalaxmi’ that is filled excess in the pockets of producer that matters at the end of the day. The ‘Dhanalaxmi’ we are talking here is a woman Censor Officer, but not those life shaking ‘green’ notes.
The trailers of the film VENNELA 1.5 have already given an impact of a slick adult comedy filled with lust and passion. The film is said to be overloaded with a dose of sleazy dialogues and desire filled scenes that lack any logic and connection. If the makers are trying to cash on the initial craze, then there lies this hurdle ‘Dhanalaxmi’, say reports. These days, this dynamic Censor Board lady is coming strongly on ‘A’ rated content.
She is insisting cuts on all cleavage shows and double meaning dialogues without any mercy. Generally, Censor Board issues ‘A’ certificate with all this content included and Dhanalaxmi is heard opposite to this. She instills cuts mercilessly and happily gives U/A upon execution of her list of suggestions. Already BUSINESSMAN has seen the cutting-power of Dhanalaxmi with blurred cleavages and blackened bikini shows. Now, it is the turn of VENNELA 1.5!