Did Chiranjeevi neglect his dear brother?

Megastar Chiranjeevi is deliberately being targeted by some sections of media in the recent past. They are targeting him in the name of highlighting Pawan Kalyan. For some reasons media started to focus Pawan Kalyan and in this process it is belittling Chiranjeevi. Gabbar Singh’s mighty success is also playing big role in it.
Gossip media blames Chiru as a selfish man who doesn’t even care to help his brother. It is being circulated that Pawan Kalyan has bailed Nagababu out of Orange losses when Chiranjeevi didn’t mind to. We don’t know if Pawan really helped Nagababu or Chiranjeevi hasn’t. But one thing is clear that Chiranjeevi gave many a chance to make his brother rich. When Ram Charan was the hottest property in Tollywood after Magadheera’s historic success, Chiranjeevi gave his son’s dates to Nagababu. But he failed to capitalize on it.
Chiranjeevi also gave his dates to Nagababu in those days when he was on the top. But Nagababu didn’t make good use of it. His choice of subjects has to be blamed for it. Even Pawan Kalyan did only one film with Nagababu till date. Except for Gudumba Shankar Pawan didn’t do any film in Anjana productions. He could have given his dates to Nagababu right after Gabbar Singh, but he didn’t. Our media should stop being one sided and stop targeting Chiranjeevi unnecessarily.