Did Jagan buy the rights of Balayya’s Adhinayakudu ?

Balakrishna’s triple role flick ‘Adhinayakudu’ is finally gearing up for release. An influential politician bought the entire theatrical rights of the film. This came as a big relief for producer ML Kumar Chowdary who is in deep financial crisis. However, the makers aren’t revealing the name of the politician. Who is the one having a big heart to invest crores in a flick which has no expectations either from the fans or film lovers. Is it YSR Congress president Jagan? May be, who knows!
Speculations are making rounds since few years about the friendly relationship between the Nandamuri Hero and Yuva Neta. Apart from that, there is a talk that’s been making rounds since sometime that it was due to the pressure mounted by Jagan on YSR, the star came out clean in the firing case (Shootout at his house, Bellamkonda’s incident). Although they belong to two different political parties, both Jagan and Balayya never criticized each other till date. Even though Jagan claimed on few occasions that he liked Chiru’s films, he didn’t spare the actor and used every opportunity to attack him. Why Jagan hasn’t given this concession for Chiru and Why only for Balayya? Seems like, there is something!
Even Today, Nandamuri fans claim Jagan is an ardant fan of Balayya and his movies. Only Balayya and Jagan knows the actual truth. Let’s wait till they come out in open!