Did Megastar desert his Brothers ?

Media and people’s focus will be always on star celebrities and when enjoys the super stardom of Megastar Chiranjeevi then the attention is inevitable. Right from his superhit ‘Khaidi’ which made him Tollywood’s action hero and angry young man, his fan base multiplied and media started following his every move very closely and even started analysing each and every step. Over the last five years Chiru has been accused of giving a raw deal to his brothers Nagababu and Pawan Kalyan. Many stories emanated about his not so amicable relationships with Power Star Pawan Kalyan and to a lesser extent Naga Babu.
Some say Chiru did not try to bring up his brothers even when he was ruling the Industry. Many feel that he did not try to help his brother Nagababu who tried his best to shine as a hero. Chiru did not even fulfill Nagababu’s dream of watching his son Varun Tej making his tollywood debut while he started taking keen interest on his son Ram Charan Teja’s every move. Much has been written about Chiranjeevi’s rivalry with Pawan Kalyan. When he did not turn up for Panjaa audio launch it became the hot topic of discussion and Chiru’s silence did not make things any better. It was written that Pawan didnot approve Chiru merging his PRP with Congress. Some even said that Chiru did not help Pawan when his film ‘naraju’ bombed miserably at box office.
However what one doesn’t know is Chiru gave many chances, offers and he himself gave bulk dates to his brother Naga Babu to utlilise it to perfection. However Nagababu failed to use it and now Chiru is helping him in Varun Tej’s debut. As for Pawan Kalyan,also Chiru’s close aides reveal that everything is fine between them.