Different Route For Ravi Teja

Although Raja The Great put Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja back in the reckoning again, his subsequent films Touch Chesi Choodu and Nela Ticket ended up as disasters at the box-office.Audiences are no longer patronizing the same age-old song and dance routines, clichéd set -ups and stunts.

Ravi Teja seems to have realised this for his next to films are said to be strong on concept. One is Amar Akbar Antony in the direction of Srinu Vaitla.The director is experimenting with a new format of screenplay instead of his trademark style.After this, Ravi Teja will be working with director Vi Anand known for different kinds of films. Ravi Teja will be seen in the dual role of a father and son in this.

Will this realization that standard fare is no longer being patronized by the audiences revive Ravi Teja’s fortunes at the BO?