Why Different Rules For Pawan, Sri Reddy?

When Tollywood actress Sri Reddy made explosive revelations about the prevalence of casting couch in Telugu film industry and went to the extent of stripping herself in front the film chambers office in April last, power star and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan gave an advice to her: “Instead of resorting to protests on streets, she should have given a police complaint and taken the case to courts. The government will take necessary action,” he said.

This unsolicited advice from Pawan kicked up a lot of controversy with Sri Reddy abusing filthy language against him and calling him M.. on the lines of a Vijaya Devarakonda’s dialogue in Arjun Reddy. She even showed her middle finger and questioned Pawan’s polygamy.

Pawan’s advice and Sri Reddy’s reaction turned around the political scenario in Andhra Pradesh, as power star accused the TDP leadership and the media supporting it of masterminding the attack on her. He even served legal notices on the media houses.

Now, Pawan’s detractors got the chance to launch a counter-attack on him.

When Pawan made an open complaint that he was facing a threat to his life and that he had learnt from reliable sources that some people were trying to kill him, he got the same advice from his critic Kathi Mahesh.

“Why are you making public statements about threat to your life? You should have given a complaint to the police, if you have any suspicion against anybody. Why are you trying to blame the government and the police?

“When Sri Reddy talked about the injustice meted out to her, you asked her to lodge a complaint with the police. Why can’t you do the same now, instead of cribbing in public?” Kathi Mahesh asked.