Dil Raju Apologizes For Sharing Pawan’s Number

In a twist turn of acts, a person who is no way associated with Pawan Kalyan or Telugu Film Industry is said to be receiving a chunk of phone calls on his personal number. As producer Dil Raju mistakenly announced that particular guy’s number as Pawan Kalyan’s phone number, trouble started brewing. Check this out. 
During the recently concluded Pilla Nuvvuleni Jeevitham success meet at Vizag, some hardcore Powerstar fans pressurized ace producer Dil Raju to reveal them the personal mobile number of hero Pawan Kalyan. Bowing down to their pressure, Raju has shared a number, intelligently he has shared his old mobile number rather Pawan’s. 
Unnoticed thing is that Dil Raju spelled his old mobile number wrong by a digit and that led to calls being received by some unknown person. Apologizing for the entire happening, Raju spilled the truth about this number sharing and requested fans to not disturb the unknown person’s privacy.