Dil Raju Criticises A Film at Its Song Launch

Not many choose to go frank and speak their minds at public platforms, just to make others happy. Star producer Dil Raju somehow decided to shed his diplomacy for once at a recent event and spoke some facts instead of blunt appreciation and praise.

Dil Raju was invited for song launch event of a film Husharu produced by his friend Bekkam Venugopal. Dil Raju revealed the conversation between them when the producer expressed his plans to launch a low budget youth film. Dil Raju said he advised the producer to make better films, as there is no one to watch a film unless it has some magic.

But Dil Raju claims to be surprised to see the caption of the film ‘Husharu’ at the event which says “Chedu tappa edi chudanu, Chedu tappa edi matladanu and Chedu tappa edi Vinanu’. Shocked Dil Raju said while he is trying to show some good through his films, he is being invited to launch songs from films like this. He asserts that audience too is also interested in these kinds of films which just entertain and show the lip locks and all.

Dil Raju laughs off saying that they might be correct in making these films and he too may choose the same path in future if he had to. Well, there is no scale, checklist or criteria to make a successful film, but there is also no guarantee that a film is sure a success if it shows all good and honesty if Dil Raju is talking about his recent flop film Srinivasa Kalyanam.