Dil Raju finds new Siddarth?

The combo of producer Dil Raju and the southern stud Siddarth has resulted in some noted hits. However, it is now heard that lately both Sidz-Dil Raju are not in good terms. Apparently, Dil Raju usually focuses mostly on youthful subjects and once in a while he comes with a film like ‘Seetamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’.
As such, he is the one who made Sidz a youth icon. But now due to small issues, the gaps are reportedly widening and Dil Raju feels there is no point in hanging with Siddarth. As a result, sources say he began a massive search to find a new replacement and one person has been found.
He is Gautham, son of Brahmanandam. People may not connect to this but it is heard that Dil Raju got connected to Gautam strongly. As such, Gautam was seen in the film ‘Pallaki Lo Pelli Kuthuru’ few years back and he gave good performance. After a long gap, he came with ‘Vaarevah’ which became a big dud because of wrong placement.
From then on, no one cared about Gautham but Dil Raju has recognised the potential in him. Inside news is that even the talented director Madhura Sreedhar is also planning for a project with him. Maybe Gautham will give a mind-blowing performance or audience will blow their minds watching him. Let us see what happens.