Dil Raju Shocks Telugu Film Producers !

“Our film collected Rs 80 Cr, our movie collected Rs 60 Cr in first week itself, our cinema is going to make Rs 100 Cr collection on total run”…These are the lines that the people are hearing in big way in recent days. In fact, if a film that is being made with Rs 40 Cr budget makes Rs 60 Cr profit, that’s really an awe struck wonder.
But Dil Raju revealed that facts saying that it’s all a gimmick being followed by producers just to attract the public. That means the producers announce the figure that is 10 times to the actual profit they get.
It is known that recently there were rumors that the producers of ‘Dammu’ announced huge figures in success meet, but later wept at home recalling the actual figures. With Dil Raju’s confession, all such rumors sound to be fact.