Dil Raju Teaches A Lesson Through Tholiprema

General notion many top producers follow is that if a hero’s previous film collects 50 crores from the box office, then they sell his next film at 50 crores to distributors. Though the previous film got sold for just 30 crores only, one wonders what made them hike the asking price this way for the present movie.

But it seems like ace producer Dil Raju doesn’t want to play by such market tactics and buys a film basing on the capability of the content. We have already revealed that Raju bought theatrical rights of Varun Tej’s Tholiprema for 18+ crores from producer BVSN Prasad. And most likely he will release the film on his own in all centres.

If we look at Varun Tej’s previous film “Fidaa” which was produced by Dil Raju, it made 48+ crores share at the box office. In that case, the Producer might have quoted 45 crores price easily or Raju should have invested such. All the time, when distributors are willing to pay hefty rates, automatically the risk involved is soaring up, in case if the film flops.

For that reason, Dil Raju invested only a feasible price and if the film collects quite enormously, then he will be giving lions share to producer only. Is this not a lesson many distributors should learn?