Dil Raju’s lession to NRIs !

Mega producer Dil Raju is not only big-hearted for making big-budgeted movies, but also sounds sensible with his talks many times. The other day, a gathering of Telugu NRIs have held this producer in high esteem for his polite advice.
Dil Raju was the chief guest at the recently convened meetings of American Telugu Association. During a meet regarding the development of AP state, many NRI biggies have stated that Government is failing to control the fluoride problem in Nalgonda. Our producer has grabbed the mike all of a sudden and stated that everyone should stop blaming others for halting development.
‘We should not blame someone for failure of development. We have to think how much we have done for the sake of solving that problem’, advised Dil Raju. Spectators at the convention have filled the auditorium with claps for next five minutes.
It is heard that this producer is spending huge money to build fresh-water purification plants in Nalgonda. If all the Telugu NRIs donate few bucks to solve this problem, there will not be any fluoride affected children in the district for sure.