Directing Charan wasn’t luck, but struggle: Sampath Nandi

Who is the lucky man in the Telugu Film Industry? Most of them would agree that it’s Sampath Nandi, the director of much awaited film of the year Racha. However, Sampath Nandi is not happy with the ‘lucky man’ tag. He says what he is Today is just because of his hardwork and the struggle he has gone through till the time Racha happened.
Few years back, Sampath wrote an entertaining script which is a tailor made for star heroes and approached several heroes and producers. Though they liked the script, no one has dared to give him the much needed ‘one-chance’, as he has no experience in the direction department. Till that time, he worked purely as a dialogue writer. So, to prove himself as a director, he made the film ‘Yemaindi Ee Vela’ with a small budget Rs. 3 crore a scored his first success. Within one week after his debut film’s release, he got nearly seven offers to direct a small budget film. But, he refused all of them because his sole aim was to direct his big ticket Tollywood film.
Sampath Nandi gave a narration of the script to Megastar at his residence for about 2 and half hours. Chiru liked it and asked Charan to have a look at it. Charan was impressed with the entertaining screenplay and that’s how the project took off. Sampath Nandi has done all the hard work, and he is now eagerly waiting to enjoy the fruits of success. Don’t worry SN – Hard work pays off!