Director certified for 3D


He would go down as one of the top Telugu directors, who learnt his craft before venturing into a historical 3D stereophonic, to raise the bar on Telugu cinema. We are talking about none other than meticulous filmmaker Gunasekar, who did a 6 months crash course in a popular London Film Institute to learn about the new-age 3D format before launching his big ticket “Rudramma Devi”.

Usually, duration for such courses are meant for 18 months for students, but after analyzing his previous work and experience of gunasekar, the institute, gave him a certificate after completing course and appreciated his fast learning capabilities. Although, directors learn few things about a format, before venturing into it, but Gunaskear remains the only Telugu director, to become a certified director of 3D stereophonic and its first historical 3D film to be made in India. Surely, it has many first to its credit.